Stiffened Grain Silo Features

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Thinking about long-term, high-quality grain storage? Brock's Different by Design approach to grain storage, conditioning, handling and structure products offers you:

  • An expanding line of innovative products designed to help save labor and money.
  • More models and choices so you can get the silo you need.
  • More innovative, user-friendly features and built-in value to help you maintain and protect your stored grain.
  • Top quality performance and classic product durability closely associated with the BROCK® name.
  • Service … from planning to installation … and beyond.

Get the differences only Brock provides. Brock's team of professionals also includes a distribution network dedicated to assisting you with innovative, long-term solutions for your operation.

Stiffened Grain Silo Features

Flat-bottom storage silos: diameters ranging from 4.6 to 47.6 meters (15 to 156 feet) and capacities approaching 43,070 cubic meters (1.3 million bushels).

  • Hopper-bottom storage silos: diameters ranging from 4.6 to 10.9 meters (15 to 36 feet ) and capacities from 102 to 1,900 cubic meters (3,080 to 58,000 bushels).
  • Models available with narrow-corrugation (68-mm/2.67-in.) sidewall designs.
  • Brock offers several diameter-based roof options that help balance performance with price. The resulting silo roof peak capacities range from 1,100 to 59,000 kilograms (2,500 to 130,000 pounds) depending on silo model.
  • Brock's all-galvanized steel sidewall stiffener is one of the strongest available.
  • All-galvanized steel sidewall stiffener is one of the strongest available.
  • Top quality prime steel sidewall body sheets are 8 through 20 gauge galvanized steel with a tensile strength up to 65 ksi (448 Mpa). On taller models, Brock uses two sidewall panels laminated together for greater strength.
  • Identification codes on every body sheet identify manufacturing date, part number, and steel gauge.
  • Sidewalls are assembled using Brock's high-strength Grade 8 silo seal bolts with special JS-1000™ weather-resistant coating.*
  • Optional Grade 8 polypropylene-encapsulated head bolts provide enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Silo anchor system securely fastens silo to foundation and is designed to withstand winds up to 145 kph (90 mph).

*JS-1000 is not owned or licensed by CTB and is the sole property of its respective owner.

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