Commercial Silo Roof Peak Loads

Beyaz Sapkali Hacker Egitim

Sometimes it is difficult to do a true comparison of roof design features between grain silo manufacturers because all do not present their information in the same form. Roof peak loads by themselves do not tell the total story of roof strength.

Brock's structured roofs are designed to meet all of the following four specifications:

  • Design peak load – Based upon the application data charts below.
  • Design snow load - Ground snow load of either 195 kilograms per square meter (40 pounds per square foot) or 244 kilograms per square meter (50 pounds per square foot).
  • Design temperature control cable** load - 680 kg (1,500 pounds) per temperature control cable. (Brock's 18.3- through 32.0 m (60- through 105-foot) diameter commercial silos are designed to accommodate the loads from multiple temperature cables – see Brock's construction manual for number and location).
  • Dead load of the structure – Varies upon silo model.

**Optional roof structures for some silo diameters may be available for special situations or loading conditions. For instance, Brock's 14.6- and 16.5-m (48- and 54-foot) diameter commercial silos require an add-on support package if temperature cables are to be used in those silos.

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