Grain Silo Accessories

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Brock's Eave Vent System
Brock's Eave Vent System
Mushroom-Style and Elbow-Style  Rooftop Vents
Mushroom-Style and Elbow-Style Rooftop Vents
Sidewall Ladder Cages
Sidewall Ladder Cages

Accessories Aid Grain Storage Management

Brock's silo accessories make grain storage manageable with the least amount of hassle.

  • A variety of roof vents available – from Brock's Eave Vent System to elbow-style and mushroom-style rooftop vents.
  • Roof stairs and ladders.
  • Sidewall ladders, ladder cages and landing platforms.
  • Sidewall ladder security door that closes and locks restricting access to the sidewall ladder.
  • BROCK SHUR-STEP® Sidewall Silo Stairs.
  • Brock's LATCH-LOCK® Walk-Through Silo Door has a one-piece outer door that opens wide to latch securely against the side of the silo. The four interlocking inner panels open in sequence from top to bottom with a simple lift of the patented latches. No tools required.
  • Brock's Drive-Through Access Door for BROCK® Silos 14.6 meters (48 feet) in diameter or larger makes silo clean-out chores easier. Two door sizes are available: 2.1-meter by 2.1-meter (7-foot by 7-foot) and 3.7-meter by 3.7-meter (12-foot by 12-foot).
  • High strength grade #8 bin seal bolts with the JS-1000™ rust-resistant coating.
  • Grade #8 rust-proof polypropylene-encapsulated silo assembly bolts.
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