Privacy Policy

Beyaz Sapkali Hacker Egitim

Chore-Time Brock International, a division of CTB, Inc., receives personally identifiable information via its Web site only when submitted by users of its voluntary online forms and links. In addition, information from users' browsers such as I.P. addresses and domain names may be automatically collected by Chore-Time Brock International's server and may be analyzed by Chore-Time Brock International for statistical purposes. By using Chore-Time Brock International's Web site, users consent to the collection and use of this information by Chore-Time Brock International. Chore-Time Brock International will not sell or rent any personally identifiable information collected in this way. Chore-Time Brock International disclaims any responsibility to keep the personal information disclosed to it in this manner secure and to avoid disclosing it to third parties. Clicking on links to other Web sites will make users subject to the privacy policies of such other sites. Chore-Time Brock International is not responsible for the content or for the privacy polices of such Web sites to which it may provide links. Chore-Time Brock International reserves the right to change this privacy policy without notice.

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